Plumtree School Crest 

The School crest was designed in about 1909. The name "Plumtree" had to be incorporated and so there is the conventional tree in the middle with plums the size of water melons hanging among the foliage.

The School was originally started as a school for the children of railway employees.  Plumtree was the site decided upon because at that time, 1901, a railway family of nine (hence the nine plums on the crest) was stationed there and almost made a school in itself.  Other children came from sidings up and down the line.  So the connection with the railway is shown by the approaching engine, probably copied in the first place from the cover of a railway guide.

The Railway Mission, Church of England, were the promoters and builders of the School and so the anchor is given to show the Church's place in its origin.

The elephant is to denote that the School is in Matabeleland, for an elephant rampant is the badge of that province.

The pictorial crest is placed above a scroll with the School motto - "Ad Definitum Finem" - "To a Definite End"

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