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I rely heavily on OPs to send copies of their old photographs and their stories of events, boys, staff etc to provide the interesting content of the web site.  A great deal of information can be gleaned from Old Prunitian magazines and other documents and publications.  Where possible as much of this detail will be placed on the web site but there is also a need to simply copy the material and preserve it electronically for future sharing opportunities. Keep in mind that I do not have unlimited web space so to place absolutely everything that may get copied, onto the web site, could become impossible.  However we need to ensure that as much as possible of old papers and documents are copied before they get lost, destroyed or simply fall to pieces.  Unfortunately I have heard many stories of this happening, especially as we all continue to move around the globe.

I have started the process of copying whatever I have on hand waiting to be done.  As a particular piece is completed I will indicate this fact in the event that someone wants a copy - see Archive List.  I would encourage OPs to copy whatever they may have in the way of old documents, keeping in mind what has already been done or is in progress, so as to avoid duplication of effort.

Once the material is available please notify me so that we can decide how to deal with it - should you send me a copy via e-mail, a copy on a disk in the mail or simply keep it on your machine and let others know to contact you for a copy, if they want it.

The best way to deal with old documents with many pages - such as OP magazines - is to scan them and save them as Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files.

For something that only has a couple of pages or an excerpt from a magazine that you'd like to see published on the web site : if you have the technical ability to scan the document and convert it to a text file (MS Word, etc) that makes the process easier for me. Those that are published on the web site can be found at Historical Documents


Photos should be scanned at a fairly high resolution (300-400 dpi is a good average) and saved in JPEG format; the resulting file of about 150-200k is quite suitable for e-mailing.  Use the name of the photo as the file name e.g. Rugby 1XV 1967, School Prefects 1986, Lloyd Hockey 1974 so that they are clearly identified.  Photos can be e-mailed to me right away as I will publish most of them on the site.


If you do not have the inclination or technical ability to scan your OP material yourself PLEASE consider a couple of options :

a. let me know as we may be able to connect you with another OP living nearby to do the scanning for you or

b. consider sending the material to me by regular mail so that I can do it myself.  I will return anything so requested, as soon as I have dealt with it.  Having said that, please also consider letting me keep it unless you desperately want it to continue gathering dust hidden in a cardboard box in your old school trunk ! 

By the same token please consider making it known to your family that when you pass on they should keep me in mind for your old OP material rather than it being thrown out when your belongings are sorted out.

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Last Updated : December 09, 2002