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No Plumtree school boy, or member of staff, will likely forget the musical productions put on for the annual sports week-end in the first term.  As a new boy, in Form 1, it was almost compulsory to take part in the production especially as one's unbroken voice was ideal to fill a leading female role or the seemingly predominantly female chorus ! Participating in other roles - back-stage, scenery, lighting etc - was often an opportunity to skive out of other less fun activities such as prep or sports !

Harriet (Harrie) Hammond wife of Plumtree's first headmaster was responsible for starting the Gilbert and Sullivan tradition, as recounted in this excerpt from the book Beloved African, the memoirs of her son, John Hammond :

"From this outpost of empire, she was the one who negotiated the rights to perform an annual Gilbert and Sullivan production using the boys and staff of the school and also produced and accompanied the first production in 1912 of The Mikado.  Plumtree's Gilbert and Sullivan productions were at that time amongst very few amateur productions in the world permitted to be performed outside London. The tradition continues today."

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My Fair Lady Tour 1972