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Last Updated : December 08, 2002

Charles Barrett : He served the School for the lengthy period of 36 years and was Housemaster of Milner for 16 of them. Biography 

Rev. Dave Candler
: School chaplain. Now living in retirement in Norfolk, UK.

Kim Curtis (Curly) : TTC Bulawayo 1977-1983; Maths; Chess, Astronomy, Cinema; Astronomical Society of Bulawayo 1990 – 1998. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Kim Curtis <prodserv@boltnail.com>

Sandi Griffin 1986-1989 Bookkeeping, Commerce; Coached swimming & diving, Back-stage for musical productions. Moved to Merrivale & worked in Pietermaritzburg SA, became involved in musical supper theatre. September 1997 came to Florida USA. Sandi Griffin <Sjgriff48@aol.com>

Andy Griggs 1984-1988, B.Sc P.G.C.E, Biology and General Science; House tutor Milner, 1984-86: Housemaster Hammond Hall, 1987-1988; Married in 1998 in Marondera. Wedding guests included Spike! Currently housemaster of Snell House at Peterhouse. Zimbabwe. Andy Griggs <andygrig@samara.co.zw>

Tony Goodburn (Noddy) : Now living in retirement in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

Roy Jones (Milner OP). BSc (UCT) 1989-1996; Physics, Computing; Housemaster Milner 1992-1996, 1st XI cricket coach 1993-1995, Involved rugby (3rds/4ths U15A), athletics, taught at SACS, Cape Town 1997-98, before coming to the UK, where I am teaching in West Ealing, London, and living in Kew. London, UK. Roy Jones <royjones7@hotmail.com>

Doug and Jane (nee Westwood) Lake (Puddle) : B.A. (Unisa) 1987-1996; Doug - Geography, Physical Education; Jane - English; Doug - Rugby 1st XV coach 91-96, Athletics coach, Jane - Hospital Sister; Left Plumtree Dec 96, to UK. Settled in Lincoln where Jane nurses and Doug has taught, but continues studying (physco/social work). Son Elijah born Nov 96, subject of great pride and joy. Doug plays rugby for local club. Both happy and active within Lincoln community. In Lincoln too is Phil Bailey. Amoung OP's seen recently are Rev Dave Candler and family, Dale Wood, Alistair Munro and Roy Jones. Lincoln, England. See entry in Student Database for e-mail

Kevin Lewis : 1977-1980; Art, Coached waterpolo and hockey, folk club, Christian group. Married to Christine, two daughters, Debbie and Kerri. Moved to NZ in Jan 1998 from Botswana. A historical note - my grandfather, William Smith, was one of the original 9 plums.
Kaitaia, New Zealand. Kevin Lewis <lewnkids@ihug.co.nz>

Patrick Marshall (Paddy) : BA Waterpolo; 1962-1980; History, waterpolo and swimming, taught countless swimmers discipline. Now at Michaelhouse, South Africa. Patrick Marshall <PatMar@mhs.kzn.school.za>

Sister Prunella Mayes : SRN; 1982-1993; Prue was one of the School nurses on the grounds. Now working at Ruzawi, Marondera,Zimbabwe. No e-mail – contact webmaster for snail mail

Angela Mitchell : BA Information Management UC, Australia; 1989-1991; Geography, Agriculture; First Black woman to coach U13, U14, U15 hockey and basketball, Assisted with officiating at atheletics meetings, Coached diving, Assisted Mrs Westwood with one or two school plays, Houseteacher at Hammond; I left Plumtree in 1991 for Australia, lived in Adelaide with my family for 3 years then moved to Canberra in 1994. I joined the Zim High Commission where I met my husband who is a diplomat. I did a degree in Info Management at University of Canberra, had my son in 1996 (Jeremy) and we are now expecting no. 2 just in time for the Olympics ! I joined Aussie Parl House in 1998, again one of the first Africans to work in the house as an officer, and I am stuck here for a while, but shoud be going to Zim at the end of the year. I miss Plumtree and guys like Doug Lake, Squire, Laurie, etc. Australia. Angela Mitchell <Angela.mututu@aph.gov.au>

Garth Morwood (Mole) : BSC Wits; 1958-1977; Arrival Plumtree January 1958 (ex Johannesburg), Lodged in Hammond Huts with two other single staff - referred to as the "compound" by rest of staff. Grey House: 1958 – 1963, Lloyd House: 1964 – 1973 (Housemaster), Milner House: 1974 – 1975, Hammond House: 1976 – 1977 (Never decided whether I avoided Gaul or Gaul avoided me ! ); Teaching subjects - O Level General Science, O Level Biology, A & M Level Biology; Master i/c Tennis, Coach: U13 & U14 Rugby, Water Polo Critic, Tennis tour Transvaal, Natal, Swaziland 1961 (?); Field & Museum Club - Expeditions: Pandamatenga 1958 (Cliff Conventry), Makarikari - Plumtree/Chaplin 1959 (Cliff Coventry); Buffalo Bend 1960, Gona Rhe Zhou 1961, Zhilo 1963, Maramara 1967, (Matabeleland Schools Expeditions); Recorded and produced two LPs : "Hymns Martial" (School), "Carols" (School choir); Filmed, edited and added sound to : "Expedition to Bechuanaland" (8mm film and slide), "Schoolboy Scientists" 8mm sound on Maramara Exped., "School in Bush" 8mm sound, "My Fair Lady" 8mm sound (School tour). Now living in retirement in Bedford, Eastern Cape. Note - Garth does not have e-mail but his address is available through webmaster. For an interesting mini auto-biography check out the Biographies section

Douglas Sanyahumbi : BSc.Hons 1994-1996; Mathematics & Physics; Milner House Staff, Involved in Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Debating, Christian Group, Stage Crew Control; Studying for an MSc (Biotechnology) at Rhodes University in South Africa. Harare, Zimbabwe. Douglas Sanyahumbi <g90s9327@giraffe.ru.ac.za>

Paul Shephard : Various Commercial courses. 1989-1992; Commerce - O Level, English - O Level, Accounting - A Level. Involved with choirs and plays on musical side. Now working for my family business – Jetmaster – as Administration manager. Zimbabwe. Paul Shephard paulshep@lycosmail.cos

Neil Todd : Gaul Housemaster. Headmaster of Falcon College. Retired in 2001 and now living in Bulawayo.

Claudia M. Tomschi : M.A. (English and Social Sciences. 1990-1991; English, Economics. Claudia, her hubby Peter (who taught metal work for a term with Dough Mc Farlain) and ther son Fabian left Plumtree in 1991 to take up an appointment at "Gymnasium Siegesstraße" were she is teaching English and Social Sciences. In the meantime she has been promoted and serves as coordinator for students exchanges. Germany. Claudia Tomschi <htomschi@gmx.de>

Harold and Felix Westwood (Westie) : 1958-1997 (new Plumtree record - 39 years !!);  Harold: MA Oxon; Harold: Latin, English, French; Felix: Music, French, English, Religious education; Harold: HOD (English and Latin), housemaster of Milner (1979-1993), coached bisley, hockey, tennis, cricket; Felix: HOD (Music), Choirmistress, Christian group leader. Harold and Felix produced numerous plays, including 31 musicals. Felix helped produce many beautiful moments in the chapel through choir and congregation singing. 4 children - Tony, Peter, Alex, Jane (Alex and Jane married Lloyd House boys !). Retired to Bulawayo. Harold is secretary of OP exec council and Matabeleland OP society. Felix is teaching piano at the Bulawayo academy. Zimbabwe May 2001. Harold & Felix Westwood <helix@mweb.co.zw> 

Helen Woodley : 1987-1992; Ran Tuckshop. Now settled down to retirement in Estcourt SA but misses the activity at Plumtree. Contact can be made via Sandi Griffin <SabreAuto@aol.com>

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