Plumtree School - Old Prunitian and Staff Database

The intention of the databases is to capture details of all former students and staff, whether alive or deceased, in order to provide a comprehensive record of all those ever involved with the school. You are encouraged to read the notes below before proceeding to add information to the database.

Old Prunitian Database

Staff Database  

The Webmaster has gleaned (and will continue to glean and input) details from old school magazines, publications and Plumtree reference material. Please feel free to review details already listed and send me any additions or corrections for any individual's listing. Most importantly enter your information and send it to me for updating. New entries will be updated as soon as possible so please be patient when submitting your details. In due course, as the lists grow longer they will be divided into Alphabetical and House lists for everyone to quickly find others they are looking for.

Note : We welcome information on everyone who was a student or member of staff at Plumtree even if they are deceased or not on the Internet. So relatives and friends are encouraged to submit details about or corrections on their OPs.

Guidelines - please note the following guidelines for the submission of information :

1. Start all
entries with a Capital and then use lower case (E.G. Jones) PLEASE do not use all CAPS or all lower case.

2. Several fields are mandatory in order to ensure that basic information is complete. These are indicated in red and your information will not be accepted unless these fields are filled in properly.

3. Because this information will be public domain we will not show personal or sensitive information on the listings. This includes e-mail addresses, although we encourage those to be shown so that other OPs can get in touch with you.

4. Postal addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers will not be published on the web page. However these are useful details especially for those who do not have e-mail so that you can be contacted by local OP liaison officers regarding activities in your area.

Note : These details will not be used for any other purpose than for promoting the activities of Plumtree High School and the Old Prunitian Society.

5. For the staff and students who are deceased, we encourage their relatives to submit details of the staff or student, again to ensure that the listing is comprehensive. The living relative's e-mail address is welcome for inclusion on the database.

So, all of you, get typing and send in those entries !

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