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Last Updated : December 28, 2002

On this page are the names added in a given month.

Andrew Allen
: Gaul 1975-1979 : Foundation Award; Electrical apprentice to Foreman, Wankie Colliery Company. Married 1988. Emigrated to UK in 1989. Two children, Girl 8 and Boy 4. Company Director for Electrical Contractors. England. Note : Andrew passed away suddenly on June 19, 2002 following a heart attack. He had not been ill -  he had high cholesterol and he wasn't aware

Brian Brown
: Grey 1952-1957 : Studied law at University of Cape Town 1958 to 1962. After graduating B.A. and Ll.B. joined Government legal service in 1963 and there I've remained, for many years in the Attorney-General's Office but for the last decade in the head office of the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. Zimbabwe. Brian Brown <bcb@africaonline.co.zw>

Andy Clarke
: Milner 1974-1980; "Avoided capture" much to "Enos" disappointment. Chairman of BBP (Best Beer Party) and original "Kibble Kibble Kenge" rugby war cry leader; the only Prune to receive his prune tie in his study with an audience of two - me and Ed Hogbin and sign the Milner Honours Book in the Housemasters study !......you'd think they were trying to hide me or something !; Been in the UK since 1983. Married a delightful "Pom" (Sandra); Currently have a couple of businesses and live in London. Andy Clarke <andypclarke@blueyonder.co.uk>

Chris Downie
: Lloyd 1956-1959;  Left in Form Four.....too early to excel !; Recently retired after a career as a senior manager in Standard Bank. Two daughters. South Africa. Chris Downie <chrisice@mweb.co.za>

Robert Traill Garvin
(Gutch) : Milner 1961-1966 : Head of house 1966;  Varying, including Agric extension, tobacco research and farming (now ex-no guesses required); now Deputy Director Blackfordby Agricultural Institute in Mazoe.  Robert Garvin <garvin@mweb.co.zw>

Phil Grobler
(Jughead) : Grey 1981-1982; School prefect 1982, Head of Hammond (Don't tell anyone), 1st xv rugby and cricket 81/2 - bust for supporting the "tobacco industry in final term", no-one believed me that they were looking for "skrotes Broughton" so much for jub jub (sp ?) Patrick Mann and I failed all except one O Level in '81 - I managed to pass English; Left for SA in '83 to work for ESCOM - turbines etc, ended up selling vacuum cleaners for Dion. Currently with Siemens - Brand Manager. For my lack of participation in class, I am now studying at WITS Business school in Joburg - Max Mackenzie being one of the lecturers. Currently happily married to Lena for sixteen years with 2 wonderful kids, Jessica (12) and Nicole (8). South Africa.  Phil Grobler <philip.g@mweb.co.za>

Brett Hardy
: Milner 1982-1985 : Bit of an underachiever at Plumtree then moved to a far less strict school in SA and underachieved even more;  Moved to England in 1989. Now manage a 4 star hotel in London and do weight training in my spare time with my partner who is a body builder. England. Brett Hardy <brettrhardy@hotmail.com>

Aidan Heaney
: Gaul 1983-1984 : Rugby and Cricket for Plumtree (Form 2 & 3); Played soccer for England Schools 1986-87, Received a soccer scholarship to attend university in the States. Graduated with degree in Business, 1992. Played professional soccer here in the United States from 1992-1998 in Major League Soccer. Now a college soccer coach. North Carolina, USA Aidan Heaney <heaneya@uncw.edu>

Michael Honman
: Lloyd 1981-1987 : Cross Country Runner;  Pilot , Married since '93 with two children aged 8 and 5 years old. Moved to Canada in 2001. Canada Michael Honman <mhonman@hotmail.com>

Nigel Horsfall
(Boots minimus) : Milner 1968-1972; House prefect. 1st Basketball - literally, it was introduced the same year I played; IT Consultant. Married (Dee nee Handcock) in 1977 - three kids (Tamara, Daniel and Donna-Leah). South Africa. Nigel Horsfall <nigelh@pqafrica.co.za>

Alan Howard
: Gaul 1952-1958; House senior, colours in swimming & water polo, School captain swimming & water polo (1958). Claim to fame was a long-standing 50 m butterfly record using the then brand new dolphin kick.Just missed 'A' levels;  Had a social 3 years at Rhodes 'varsity, worked in Salisbury and Ndola, Zambia; then back to Wits 'varsity for degree in Metallurgy. Worked for Anglo American for 22 years - gold mainly. Currently retired in Welkom with wife Glyn and son Jeremy. South Africa.  Alan  Howard <howarda@internext.co.za>

Andrew Ladley
: Lloyd 1968-1973 : School prefect 1972, Head of House 1973, bits of drama, choirs, chess and debating, cold float in the pool and throw the javelin, 1st XI and XV, rugby colours, and occasional tree and rock climbing; Jammed into the national Under 20 XV in 1974 - a weak year for rugby. UCT BCom LLB (1979), scholarships to London (LSE) for LLM and PhD in law (1984). Teaching law at universities since, currently at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Married Jane Mitchell (met at Sports Weekend 1972 - true!) and have 3 children (Adam 18, Gemma 16, Gaea 11). Have spent a fair amount of time away from the law faculty, doing international work for the UN, Commonwealth, and organisations like Amnesty International - most recently for the UN in East Timor - but previously in Cambodia, South Africa, The Gambia, Samoa, Malaysia, Bosnia and a few others. Currently working for government in NZ, on leave from university. Still trying to run ! New Zealand. Andrew Ladley <andrew.ladley@vuw.ac.nz>

Bruce Lindsay
: Milner 1981-1986 : House Prefect 1st XV 85/86 V/Capt Athletics Team 86; Currently Regional Sales Manager for Tyre Treads in Zimbabwe. Married to Janine (nee Davel) and have 3 children (Liam, Cameron & Alexandra). Represented Zimbabwe in 1991 Rugby World Cup and Zimbabwe/Zimbabwe 7's in 1992 before accident at my batchelor party ended my career. Zimbabwe. Bruce Lindsay <jebru@mweb.co.zw>

Mhlanguli Ncube
(Prof) : Milner 1992-1997 : School Prefect (1997), House Prefect (1996), School Plays (1992-1997), Dramatics Colours (1996) Re-awarded in 1997, School Choir (1992-1997), Academic XCIX's (1996), Toastmasters (1997), School Quiz Team that used to appear on National TV (1996 and 1997), Interact Club (1997), Editor of Student Newspaper (1997), Christian Group (1995-1997) School Athletics(1997), House Choir Director (1996 and 1997), Foundation Tie (1997), Prunitian Tie (1997), House Colours (1997);  Taught Mathematics at Plumtree School (First term 2001, January 2001 to November 2002) Coached Cricket (U15s), Hockey (U15s), Tennis (U15s). Extra mural: Co-produced "Oliver" with Hadyn Lee in First term 2002, Toastmasters (2002), Junior Debate (2001 and 2002). Attached to Milner House. England. Mhlanguli Ncube <profinuk@yahoo.co.uk>

Ralph Pope
: Grey 1932-1934 : With brother, Trevor, first in West House Prep. school. Then to R.E.P.S. for a year. Back to Plumtree in Grey House for a year then left for boarding school in UK.; Born 1920 in UK, moved in 1930 with family to Nyasaland where father was P.M.G. and from there to school in Rhodesia. After a variety of jobs spent last 30 years of my working life as Production Manager, then Technical Manager, with associated engineering company of Babcock & Wilcock. Married Eileen, had four children, lost her 2 years ago (2000). Now living on my own in retirement. England. Ralph Pope <popeindevon@aol.com>

Paul Tyrrell
(Squirell) : Gaul 1999-2000;  I have moved to the UK, Presently at Alcester High School Technology College in Alcester Warwickshire. I play cricket for Alcester & Ragley Park Cricket Club. England Paul Tyrrell <paultyrrell2002@hotmail.com>

Geoff Vaughan-Evans
: Gaul 1949-1955;  Head of house and deputy head of school 1955. 1st Xl 1953-55 vice captain & colours, 1st XV captain & colours, Hockey, Athletics, Swimming & Waterpolo. Only mildly interested in classroom activities. Privileged to have the late Mr. Cliff Coventry as housemaster. He devoted much of his time and energy to us lads. I well remember the camps he took us on in his old truck at Easter and Rhodes & Founders;  Married Thalia Goddard in Shangani 1960. Moved to South Africa 1962, qualified as chartered accountant. Emigrated to Australia 1982. Currently employed as manager of a research centre in Adelaide, S. Australia. 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.  Australia. Geoff Vaughan-Evans <gve@cssip.edu.au>

Hilton Whittaker
(Choochoo) : Milner 1987-1990; School Prefect/Head of Hammond(1990), 1stXV Rugby(1989-1990); Toolmaking, workshop manager at successful company (of course) in Ruwa. Married to Tracey (2000), little one on the way. Live in Harare, Zimbabwe Hilton Whittaker <hiltrace@taurai.co.zw>

These OPs are already in the database but their e-mail addresses have changed :

Ian Brunette : Lloyd 1982-1986 Ian Brunette <ianbrunette@hotmail.com>

Guy Imbert
: Gaul 1971-1976 - Guy Imbert <guy@rifle-shot.com>

Steven Rowe
: Milner 1985-1990 - Steve Rowe <stever@cks.co.za>

William Young :
Milner 1989-1993 - William Young <willyoung98@yahoo.com>


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