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Last Updated : July 27, 2002

Marco Fargnoli : Milner 1979-1984; Hammond Hall Head of House, School prefect, 1st XV Rugby and 1st Team Water Polo, etc; Married with Three girls. Australia. Marco Fargnoli <marcoandy@smartchat.net.au>

Dave Farrell
(Ted) : Gaul 1975-1981; School prefect,  1st XV. South Africa. Dave Farrell <ALBERTON@BABY-BOOM.CO.ZA>

Brian Fickling
: Gaul 1974-1979; Captain 1st Tennis (99 Club Award), Member 3rd Rugby; Did National Service in BSAP, then attended Cobol Programming school in South Africa. Worked for Barclays / First National Bank in SA. Moved to USA - Minnesota in Nov 92 as an Andersen Consulting Contractor. Currently responsible for all IBM Mainframe application Architecture at USBank. Married a South African - Bridget - and now have two kids. Minnesota, USA March 2001. Brian Fickling <b2fickling@netscape.net>

Fred Fickling (Gung) : Gaul 1965-1970; Gaul House Prefect; UCT Chem Eng - 1971 -1975, Rhod Army 1976-1977, AECI - JHB 1977 - 1995, ICI - in Dallas Texas 1996-1998, Origin Technolgy in Business 1998 -present. Also Married 1978, Son 1982, Daughter 1983. Son is now proving why teenage males triple your car insurance in Texas.... also bright and fun. Daughter is magic - proving why them from Zim are just welcome everywhere...Texas, USA. Fred Fickling <ficklery@msn.com>

Ron Fickling : Gaul 1970-1975; Graduated MSc Chem Eng 1986 UCT. Currently working in Cape Town for a small mining company. South Africa. Ron Fickling <kuku@fast.co.za>

Ronald Adair Fletcher (Fletch) : Milner 1943-1946; Under 15years Rugby and Cricket, Tried our best to blow up Railway Kopje with dynamite which was provided by one chap (NO NAMES) the other chap provided the fuses and detonators (NO NAMES) I provided the matches!! The fathers of my friends worked on mines but to no avail landed up in Hospital with concussion!!!! It was our luck that we were not killed or caught out. My two brothers, Clifford and Vincent (Mickey) also went to Plumtree; Married in Livingstone to Maureen in 1953. We have two daughters and four grandchildren. (Our whole family now live in Australia), Worked for the Rhodesia Railways as Senior Mechanical Foreman until retirement. Was seconded to the Game department during the war years. Perth, Australia. Ronald Fletcher <fletchie@hotmail.com>

Norman Flowers : Gaul 1970-1971; Played Cricket and Rugby; After Plumtree I moved to Que Que and attended Que Que High until 1975. BSAP 1976-1979 and served in Salisbury. Moved to RSA in '79 and then to the USA in '87 where I now live with my wife and two children. Achievements: Played Baseball for Rhodesia and the Springboks ('73-'76). I now teach Philosophy and Counseling at Southern Seminary in Louisville Kentucky. U.S.A. Norm Flowers <nflowers@sbts.edu>

John Forbes : Milner 1965-1970. House prefect, first water-polo, second XV. Killed in action April 1973.

Glen Wray-Forshaw (Foreskin) : Lloyd 1971-1975; Achieved absolutely f-all, but incredible memories ! ; Left school and went to the Guard Force. Moved to Knysna, South Africa. I have been living in Cape Town for the last 20 odd years. Graphic designer for large Point of Sale Advertising firm. Single and loving it ! Would love to hear from any friends. Cape Town, South Africa. Glen Wray-Forshaw <kruthven@mweb.co.za>

Ockert Fourie (Buster) : Milner 1962-1967 ; House senior with the dubious honor of receiving 6 of the best twice. Spent most of my free time wandering around the local bush with Breeze (Nigel) Winhall and Chiz (Will) Hepurn; Spent a year in the army (1968) in 95th intake and 2 Indep Coy. The left to an apprenticeship ('69 to '70) in Cape Town docks (the country bumpkin hits the big city and how). Then went to UCT to study Mech Engineering and graduated '76. Worked with EMS Cape till '86. In the mean time I got married to the wonderful Shirley (nee Edmonds from Bulawayo). We have three delightful children, Richard (18) and twin girls Jo and Kate (17). We migrated to England and stayed there for all of 2 years (too many people, too many cars and terrible weather). Migrated to Australia in '89. Living in Perth, WA, and loving it. I work for a consulting engineering firm and I am predominately involved with work in the mining industry. I became a Christian in '79 and I am quite heavily involved with our local church. Western Australia. Ockert Fourie <busterfourie@hotmail.com>

Malcolm Freeman : Gaul 1960-1965; O P Liaison Officer for Gauteng and surrounding provinces (Northern, North West, Free State and Mpumalanga) - we have a database of OPs in these areas, and send out a newsletter from time to time, so would welcome details of those who may not be on our list (preferably via email). Randburg, South Africa. Malcolm Freeman <malcolm.freeman@acm.org>



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