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Last Updated : July 29, 2002

William John Palmer : Milner 1904-1906; 52nd child to be enrolled at Plumtree School. Father of Helen Woodley who ran tuckshop, and grandfather of Sandi Griffin. As both Helen and Sandi were attached to Milner, (and most probably there were no "houses" as such in 1904) we have taken the liberty of attaching him to Milner. He always regaled his grandchildren with stories of the extremely strict headmistress of the time, Miss Musson (?) and life in general at Plumtree. Deceased.

Derrick Palterman
(Palte) : Grey 1970-1975; Married to Beverly (nee Black) from Bulawayo, two children a daughter and son, now living in Durban and working as a software consultant (BaaN). South Africa. Derrick Palterman <paltermand@mweb.co.za>

Boyd Parker : Gaul 1983-1987; 1st XI Cricket, 1st XI Hockey, Hockey Colours and Honours, 99's Cricket; Married to Kirsty Murphy in 1993, Son Jordan born in 1996. Still playing hockey and cricket. Working as a sales person in the wholesale industry. Esperance, Western Australia. Boyd Parker <kparker@wn.com.au>

Glenn Parker (formerly Harding) ( Humpy) : Grey 1991-1997 : House and School Prefect, Colours for Swimming, Athletics, Waterpolo. Zimbabwe Schools Waterpolo. 99's Rugby; Presently British Army Engineers, United Kingdom. Glenn Parker <rattballs@hotmail.com>

Ross E R Parker : Grey 1972-1976; 1 RLI Support Commando, Special teams Reconnaissance troop. Married, 2 boys Ross & Cole. President Call of Africa Inc., President Native Visions Galleries.(Fine Art), President Environmental Art Awareness Group Publishing (books, documentaries & ltd. edition prints). Florida, USA. Ross Parker <callofafrica@worldnet.att.net>

Troy Parker
(Porks) : Grey 1984-1988; 1st Team Hockey. Athletics Team. 2nd XI cricket; sugar farmer on family farm, play Zimbabwe Polocrosse. Married to Liesl with two kids. Hannah - Jacob. Chiredzi, Zimbabwe. Troy Parker <troyparker@yahoo.com>

Ian Harry Parkinson (Harry) : Grey 1975-1980; Head of House/school prefect, 1stXV Waterpolo colours, 'o'levels; 
Travelled the world for 2 years then settled in Australia. Represented Western Australia Rugby for 3 years and in the mean time set up my own Financial Planning and Insurance Business which I am currently running. I am not married but am very happy in a relationship and living together. Western Australia. Ian Parkinson <HarryParki@aol.com.au>

Jeremy Partridge : Gaul 1978-1979. 1st XV, Athletics; N.S.1980, farmed in Shamva 1981-85, moved to States in '86 and am GM of a local sports pub and restaurant ; Hollywood, Florida, USA. JPAZIMINFLA@webtv.net

Hugh Pearce :  Milner 1994-1999 ; Deputy Head, 1st XI and Zim Hockey, 1st XI, Cricket and tennis; Hockey and Cricket colours;  After school worked in a summer camp in Canada until September curently playing hockey and working
at a school in Canterbury ( Kent College ).  Hugh Pearce <clapper@angelfire.com>

Tim Philip
(Flop) : Lloyd 1970-1975; Debater and Actor, not much of a sportsman; Went on to UK in 1977 - 1978, Started skating in RSA and became a SA Champion in 1986, competing with kids 10 years younger. Went to USA in 1992 - 1996 and taught skating in Vancouver, Washington. 15 National champions! Won 5 years of Regional High point trophies for the best team in the NW Region. Came back to Zim 1998 and made MD for Royal Baking Powder. Loving being back. Zimbabawe. Tim Philip <tim@RBP.co.zw>

Dorien Philpott : Gaul 1950-1955; Represented Rhodesia in 1972 Olympic Games - Munich for Shooting, went to UCT, founded a few gold mines in Zim. Currently farming. Juliasdale, Zimbabwe. Dorien Philpott <indabaoz@mailexcite.com>

Kucaca Ivumile Phulu (Buster) : Lloyd 1990-1995; School prefect, House prefect, Soccer captain, Prunitian tie(1995), Foundation tie(1994), Colours soccer (1995), Athletics team 99`s & re-awards, Matabeleland athletics (1994,5);
I am currently completing my studies at the University of Zimbabwe where I am reading for the Bachelor of Laws degree. I hope to commence practicing next year as a legal practitioner. Right now life is just kicking and I am just focusing on my goals (personal) that I have set for myself .I love the Lord, he has just blessed me. Crown him with many crowns the lord upon the throne. "viva prunitia".  Zimbabwe. Kucaca Phulu <kucaca@justice.com>

Dean Pollock : Grey 1982-1986; Joined the computer industry after leaving school as a programmer with Dion Stores, South Africa, still with the same group but now servicing Makro, CNA and Dion as a Business Analyst, married December 1997. Randpark Ridge, South Africa. Dean Pollock <dpolloc@massmart.co.za>

Gordon Poultney
(Polly, Pol) : Lloyd 1970-1975; House prefect, Prunitian Tie, Athletics, led expedition of Outdoor & Exploration Society to Drakensberg in 1974, generally a bit of a rebel and didn't do much to excel in latter years at school; NS 1976, Bulawayo Hotel School 1977-1979, lived in England 1980-82, worked for Zim Sun Hotels (Troutbeck, Makasa Sun, Monomatapa) 1982-84, Gramma Record Company 1985-86, helped re-open the Outward Bound school in Melsetter 1987-88, moved to Canada 1988. Worked for a company in the moving and transport business until starting own company in same industry in 1998. Married Jenny (nee Tanner - Eveline & TTC), children Simon (1983), Bronwen (1985) and Johanna (1989). Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. Gordon Poultney <gordon.poultney@rhodesiana.com>

Justin Povey : Lloyd 1987-1991;1st Team Rugby, Matabeland under 21's; Left in a bit of a hurry ! Have recovered from the accident well and have been living in London for the past 5 years. I now manage one of the largest youth hostels in Europe. London, England. Justin Povey <montreal@montreal.co.uk>

Peter Pringle (Drugs) : Lloyd 1990-1995; Chapel Server - Foundation Tie; Worked in Banket for Iricon irrigation Consultants until end of 1999, now working in London, UK. Peter Pringle <thepringles.fsnet.co.uk>


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