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Last Updated : July 29, 2002

John van Zijl (Pole) : Grey 1969-1973; several canings, u/15 rugby, 200m record, 200m hurdles record, established Marula berry brewery in pavilion roof, unofficial (Lake Herbert) clay-lat fighting champion; Joined 3 Commando, RLI 1974-1976 (14 troop), married to Lesley, with 3 children - Matthew, Michael & Natasha, I am currently a director of a stockbroking firm in Cape Town, Lesley & I are also very involved in endangered species conservation (Cheetah Action Trust), my hobbies are photography & cycling. Camps Bay, South Africa. John van Zijl <vpta@mweb.co.za>

Thomas Varley : Lloyd 1988- 1994; Hammond House Prefect 1st term, busted for turning scoff house into a disco on sports day, XVXV, Dramatics, OP tie for Cricket (scorer); Worked on the Zambezi & Tugela rivers as a raft, kayak & riverboat guide. Decided to broaden my horizons, travelled around Europe for 2 years then joined the 2nd Battalion Royal Green Jackets in the British Army. I've completed 2, 6 month tours of the Balkans (Kosovo & Bosnia). Currently engaged to an Israeli girl, who'll be moving back to Zimbabwe with me in 2002. Bosnia May 2001. Tom Varley <tomvarley@hotmail.com>

Nicholas Veldman (Dozey) : Grey 1984-1987; Under achiever; Moved to USA after school, living in Texas, went to college and aircraft mechanic school then became a truck driver for 4 years. I am currently selling land in Farmersville Texas. Nicholas Veldman <Landman@koyote.com>


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