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Last Updated : February 01, 2004

Nicholas Haggett : Grey 1984-1985. Foundation Tie; Zisco Steel - Appy / Electrician, qualified 1989, moved to South Africa in 1989, presently working for a consulting firm. Natal, South Africa. Nicholas Haggett <m-tech@sco.eastcoast.co.za>

James Hamilton (Jim) : Grey 1969-1973. Killed in a flying accident shortly after leaving school.

John Hamilton : Milner 1954-1959. In May 1998 he was murdered by gangsters in Port St Johns, Natal.

John Hammond : Milner 1907-1918; Headboy : First Cricket, First Rugby; Headmaster of Tjolotjo, Mzingwane, Goromonzi and Domboshawa Schools. Key figure in African education, Freedom from Hunger. Deceased. Contact Jill Baker (daughter) Jill Baker <jill@belovedafrican.com> also visit Jill's web site www.belovedafrican.com

Richard W Hammond : Milner 1956-1962; Head of School 1962; Currently Managing Director of Adelaide Brighton Limited - a listed Cement manufacturer in Australia with some activities in Asia. Australia. Richard Hammond <hammond@chariot.net.au>

David Harley : Milner 1958-1962; 1st XI Hockey - 1st Interhouse Placekicking; BSAP 3 yrs Gwelo/Salisbury Support Unit - Australia RAAF Pilot 14 yrs - Civilian Pilot DC9 & Flight Simulator Instructor TAA & IPEC Aviation - Self employed since Pilots Strike 1989 in Conveyancing and PC Consulting. Victoria, Australia. David Harley <davidharley@hotmail.com>

John Harley : Milner 1954-1957; Outback Australia - jackaroo & ranch hand - now semi-retired stud-master (Charolais cattle & Quarterhorses) Truck Driver and Dreamer (as seen by younger brother) and all-round good guy. Western Australia (No e-mail available but contact webmaster for contact address)

Michael Harley : Milner 1955-1959; Long Jump/Hurdles Champion; Outback Australia jackaroo - New Zealand stock & station agent, rugby player - Hawkes Bay, NZ, professional polo player Australia & World Wide, now owns a string of polo ponies and rents them out to the non-idle rich. Western Australia. (No e-mail available but contact webmaster for contact address)

Steve Hartel ( Ears) : Gaul 1984- 1989; House Pig 88, School Pig & Head of Gaul 89. 2nd Cricket and Rugby for I don't know how long. Involved in virtually everything so A) can't remember them all and B) they were fun!!; Moved down to Bulawayo permanently after school and started career in IT. Married to Jules (been a bloody long time). Worked, played and partied hard - done all the usual IT things MCSE etc. Climbed the corporate ladder and finished of with C F Tulleys as Divisional Manager. Chucked it all in and moved the UK in 2000. Now enjoying life with minimal workload ! United Kingdom May 2001. Steve Hartel <steve_hartel@hotmail.com>

Malcolm Hatley (Hats) : Lloyd 1970-1975; Warterpolo and swimming, School and House Prefect, A levels 1975, Outdoor & Exploration Soc.; 1976 National Service, Based in Kariba, Natal University, Bsc Eng 1980, Illovo Sugar Estates Natal, South Africa until 1986, Married to Bridgette (Souchon ) from Natal 1983, two children Robyn born 1985 and Grant 1988. Moved to Malawi in 1989 running a small management company for Standard Chartered Bank finally returning to Zimbabwe in 1994 to open up a new farm concentrating on tobacco and snowpea production. Moved to Canada in late 2000.  Living on Vancouver Island. Canada March 2001.  Malcolm Hatley <seagullsloft@shaw.ca>

Peter Heath : Milner 1981-1986; House Prefect 1986, Foundation Tie, Prunitian Tie, Academic half-colours, Bisley Trophies 1984, 1985 and 1986; Brief but glorious stint at UZ after leaving school. Trained with Harare based PR consultancy Spectrum. Left Zim on 'extended holiday' in 1991, spending a year travelling through Australia, NZ and SE Asia. Arrived UK 1992 - still here ! Now a consultant with leading UK PR consultancy. Living in a small Chiltern village with Justine Edgerton, sister of Julian, Nigel and Stuart - Gaul House swimming champions of note (1984-86). Visit Zim frequently. Great Missenden, Bucks, UK. Peter Heath <peter.heath@cpn.co.uk>

Robert Heath : Milner 1983-1988; House and School Prefect, Academic and Dramatic colours, Foundation and Prunitian ties, Waddington Cup, Academic prizes, Toastmasters, debating etc; had a great 5 yrs at UZ post Plumtree, BVSC (Hons) 1994 MRCVS 1995, have been working in the UK for the past five years, regularly interspersed with plenty of travel, recently visited Oz, NZ, Pacific Islands and USA. Try and return to Zim frequently, Single. Beds, England. Robert Heath <rob@e-vet.com>

Mike Hemans
: Gaul 1969-1974; Married Sue Porter in 1982. Two sons (born 1985 and 1987). West Sussex, UK. Mike Hemans <hemans@dial.pipex.com>

Peter Henneberg (Kraut, Grub, Gabar) : Lloyd 1979-1983; Not a noted sportsman. House Prefect and House colours. Secretary of cattle club, boss of Falconery club, member of ornithological club, senior debating, toastmasters, stage crew, printing club. O, M, and A levels, Heavy smoker but only caught once - run in by Patrick Mann; Systems analyst at Nedbank SA. Currently residing and happily married in England. Working for an Internet company. Bristol, England. Pete Henneberg <petehenneberg@totalise.co.uk>

Richard Hickman : Hammond (attached Grey) 1973-1976. Died from wounds sustained in action 1979 whilst serving with SAS.

Iver Hjul (Gunks) : Milner 1947-1951; Rugby 1st XV; Rhodesian Rugby 1954. Deceased 1996.

Kevin Hjul : Milner 1973-1978; Military 1979-1980, Medical School - Witwatersrand 1981-87 M.B.,B.Ch. Johannesburg Hospital and Trauma Unit 1988-1989, Ambulance Training College 1989-1991, Head Emergency Medical Services Tvl 1991-95, Private Casualty Units 1995-97, Private Practice 1997-, Married 4 Children. Roodepoort, South Africa. Kevin Hjul <khjul@global.co.za>

John Holland
(Binks - after my Dad) : Milner 1963-1968; So long ago I can't remember; Working for Sara Lee in Ontario, Canada. John Holland <hollandj@kiwitana.com>

David Horsfall (Boots minor) : Milner 1964- 1970; School prefect, 1st XI hockey, colours, GCE M level; BSc (Natal) 1974, UED (Natal) 1976, Taught for 2 years Mount Pleasant School, MBChB (Zim) 1983, GP x 6 years (Estcourt, Natal), Mine Medical Officer x 5 years (Orkney RSA), Now working in Oman in a private hospital. Married with 3 children. Oman May 2001. Dave Horsfall <dhorsfall@yebo.co.za>

(William) John Horton : Gaul 1941-1946; 1947-1951 University of Cape Town, Civil Engineering, 1952-1964 Civil Engineering in Rhodesia, UK, Canada, Mexico, USA, 1964-1981 BC Hydro and Power Authority, 1981-1986 Hwange Thermal Power Station, Claw Dam to Kadoma pipeline, Civil Engineer, Capco, Kariba, and East London Water Works, 1986-Present BC Ferries - Marine construction. Victoria, Canada. John Horton <horcon2@shaw.ca>

John Howman (Jack) : Lloyd 1932-1936; Died February 2000. Biography.  

Jeremy Hubert (Jez) : Grey 1977-1982; Head of House, School Prefect, Prunitian Tie, Governors Cup, 1st XV, BBall, Athletics; Started a BSc Agric at Maritzburg, left to UK and lived the good life, played rugby and travelled for a while, went to Vet School by way of rugby coach at Falcon. BVSc (UZ) 92, practice in Marondera, MRCVS 93 and UK practice. Presently specializing in US as equine surgeon - Louisiana, Baton Rouge (near New Orleans) Returning to Zim in near future. Single - still playing rugby here in the southern US. USA. Jeremy Hubert <jhubert@mail.vetmed.lsu.edu>


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