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Last Updated : November 04, 2002

Robert Rennie : Milner 1903-1907; First Headboy 1906. Born June 4, 1891, Robert arrived at Plumtree February 11, 1903 and was pupil number 18. (His brother John was pupil number 17). Information about him in the school archives is sketchy until 1906 when Hammond arrived. By then he was Headboy and his name is the first on the honours board outside the Beit Hall. A newspaper cutting dated December 15 1906, mentions him as acting as "Dogberry" in "Much Ado about Nothing", and winning the 100, 220 and 440 yards, as well as the mile (in about 8 minutes). A second place in the long jump saw him tied for the Championship. I think that this was the first organized athletics meeting. A few generations passed until his great-grandson, Gary Jones arrived in 1976, the first 4th generation Plumtree boy ! Submitted by Roy Jones Milner 1980-85 Staff 1989-96.

William Reiner : Lloyd 1974-1977; Worked at Shabanie & Mashaba from 1977-1985, Lived & worked in Indianapolis(USA) for a number of years. Am now employed as a foreman for a specialty advertising co. in Chicago. Illinois, USA. William Reiner <Basopa@aol.com>

Darrell Robertson (Robbo) : Gaul 1982-1988. School Prefect 1988, 1st Hockey 1985-1988 (Captain 1988) 1st Cricket 1988; Started off in the network field with Standard Bank before switching to Programming in 1992. Presently contracting to Standard Bank. Still very active in the sporting arena and have represented Eastern Transvaal in hockey. Rapidly switching to social level now in Hockey and Cricket (in and outdoor). Engaged at present with a wedding date set for 10/10/1998; Germiston, South Africa. Darrell Robertson <drobert@iafrica.com>

Allen Robinson
(Lubby) : Lloyd 1973-1979; House Prefect, Matebeleland Schools Hockey and Athletics, Prunitian Tie; After NS worked in various positions in sales and marketing, with a brief break working in pub in the UK, Currently working at National Carpets and Curtains as GM. Married to Laura with one daughter, Jessica. Zimbabwe. Allen Robinson <kwesesaf@icon.co.zw>

Peter Robinson (Lubby) : Lloyd 1947-1951; Member of staff 1962 to 1973. Left Plumtree (as Housemaster of Grey) to take up a post as Deputy Head at Sinoia High School and then moved to Marondera High School as Headmaster. Left education in 1985 to join Glynns Bolts as GM and "retired" in 1999 as MD. Now working with the Zimbabwe Cricket Union as Director of Umpiring. Married to Aileen with a son, two daughters and six grandchildren all still living in Zimbabwe. Peter Robinson <zcu@samara.co.zw>

Richard Robinson : Lloyd 1965-1970; House Prefect 1970, involuntarily retired; O-levels in 1968, M's and A's completed at Thornhill 1970; Married in 1977 to Sharon, Two daughters: Sheila (1979) and Brenda (1981), Emigrated to SA in 1978 where I farmed, 1998: Emigrated to Australia (Dalby, Queensland). Australia. Richard Robinson <richrobinson@telstra.easymail.com.au>

William Rooken-Smith : Gaul 1973- 1978; Gaul House "pleb"! (2nd XI "pace merchant"); I left school before writing 'A' levels in 1978 to become a pilot in the Rhod.AF/AFZ (and later SAAF). Left military flying in 1983 to hitch-hike around North America for 6 months. (A great experience!) I joined Court Helicopters in SA in 1984 and ended up flying to offshore oil rigs in the Southern Cape, then joined SAA in 1989 to fly Boeings and Airbuses, and I'm still with SAA as at March 2001. I'm married to Margie, and we have one son, David. I see lots of my old compadre and fellow Study 4 inhabitant, Dave Chennells. South Africa May 2001. William Rooken-Smith <rooken@global.co.za>

Desmond Charles Rosenfels
(Chappie) : Grey 1971-1977. Killed in action 1979. Awarded Bronze Cross posthumously for his bravery which led to his death.

Steven Rowe (Wanda) : Milner 1985-1990; Head of House 1990, 1st XI Cricket 89-90, Cricket colours '90, Zimbabwe Schools Cricket '90 (tour to UK); Worked at Eaglesvale Junior School '91, studied pharmacy at Rhodes University '92-'96, married Lyn in January '97, two girls - Holly and Kelly. Working as the boss at Computerkit Systems in JHB, South Africa. South Africa. Steve Rowe <stever@cks.co.za>


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