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Last Updated : July 29, 2002

George Samuel (Chapathi) : Milner 1980-1985; House prefect; Moved to the States. Graduated from UCLA with a bachelors in Biology. Published in Proceedings of National Academy of Science. Graduated from medical college 1999 and currently pursuing an internship and residency in internal medicine. I recently got married. Missouri, USA. George Samuel <nilesh@cableone.net>

Graham Scott
(Scotty) : Gaul 1982-1987. School prefect, 2nd team waterpolo and hockey; Cost Accountant at Peters & Brownes, Perth, Western Australia. Recently moved from Witbank, South Africa (lived since 1988) where I was working for Ingwe Coal. Married to Debbie, 1st child due in December 1999.Perth, Australia Graham Scott <debgra@optusnet.com.au>

Craig Seaward (Bushman, Banana loge) : Lloyd 1975-1980; 1st team hockey/Matabeleland Athletics/Prunitian tie/1/2 colours for Athletics/hockey/house colours; After Falctree 1981 destroyed the Red Baron bar in the Bulawayo Holiday Inn I got employed at the same hotel as a trainee hotel manager. Completed hotel school at Wits, Joburg and went on to work for Sun International till 1990 rising to Deputy General Manager. End of 1990 got adventurous and went out to China for 7 months still in hotels. Bad move. Moved to Bali, Indonesia with Sheraton Hotels and resorts for 4 years. After another 3.5 years in Indonesia with Sheraton, and after becoming a General Manager the riots struck in May 1998 and I got transferred as General Manager to Pusan, South Korean with Westin Hotels and Resorts. 19 years in hotels and still going strong. Married a Balinese model, Jung, in 1996 and have a daughter Jazmine and speak Indonesian fluently. Australia. Craig Seaward <craig.seaward@sheraton.com>  

Paul Shephard (Sheps) : Gaul 1981-1986; House Prefect. XCIX Dramatics ; Returned to Plumtree 1989 to teach. Stayed till 1992. Now working for my family business – Jetmaster - as Administration manager. Zimbabwe. Paul Shephard <pshephard@halsteds.co.zw>

Anthony C. C. Shepherd : Milner 1945-1950; married, retired CEO, Zimbabwe Alloys, two sons. Switzerland/Canada. Anthony Shepherd <scarps@shaw.wave.ca>

Alan Sim ( Beef Burger, Tosser) : Gaul 1982- 1988; Under achiever, tried to play Rugby, and dabbled in a bit of cricket, left school a little backwards. Still living in Bulawayo with Mom and Dad, working on the family farm. Visit friends in Harare, any one around let me know. Zimbabwe May 2001. Alan Sim <as_tosser@hotmail.com>

Anthony Simmonds ( Ant) : Gaul 1967- 1973;  School Prefect('72&'73). 1st team rugby('73 team blazer),1st team waterpolo ('71,'72,'73 colours, Matabeleland and Rhodesia B ),school swimming team (colours). School plays, Yeoman of the Guard'67, Patience'68, Oliver'71, Mikado'73. Debating and Ornithological societies;  I managed to jammy my way through A levels (confounding Harold Westwood!) and left to join the Airforce. I married Marcelle (Mozzy) nee Bischoff (ex Thornhill High) in '78 and have 3 children Kevin (20), Graham (17) and Lauren (13).We now live in Mauritius (and love it), working for Air Mauritius as a Training Captain on the Airbus 340. It is a comfortable way of life with all the things a beautiful Island has to offer and we fly to destinations all over the world except for the Americas. I count myself lucky to have a career doing something I thoroughly enjoy and have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. My greatest sadness is that my sons were not in a position to attend Plumtree School. Mauritius May 2001. Ant Simmonds <ant@intnet.mu>

Peter Simmonds : Gaul 1964-1969. Head Boy in 1969, colours for swimming and water polo; Rhodesian Airforce from 1970 to 1982 (Bronze Cross); Royal Brunei Armed Forces from 1982 to 1987, Air Mauritius from 1987 to 1997, Singapore Airlines from 1997; Singapore. Peter Simmonds <simmo@pacific.net.sg>

John Sinclair : Hammond/Milner 1971-1972; Rhodesian Air Force (1978 - 1981) as pilot on 4 Sqn. South African Air Force (1982 - 1988) as pilot on 5 and 3 Sqn. South African Airways (1989 - 1994) and then Gulf Air (1994). Emirates since 1995 to present. United Arab Emirates. John Sinclair <johnsin@emirates.net.ae>

Steve Smythe (Covo) : Grey 1976-1981; Gwebi Agricultural College, Farming in Matabeleland (own farms), Married with 2 children and another on the way (October 1999) , Matabeleland Busters 1st XV. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Steve Smythe <luncarty@telconet.co.zw>

Thamsanqa Somkence (Ence) : Lloyd 1993-1998; Bridge club, Chess club, 4th hockey captain, 2nd tennis, toastmasters-master of ceremonies, colours-dramatics, choir soloist; currently studying for a Bcomm.accounting at Fort Hare university (will be at Port Elizabeth university 2000). Cape Town, South Africa. Thamsanqa Somkence <thamie@mailbox.co.za>

Bryan Staines : Gaul 1982-1986; Played 1st team waterpolo (on and off) played thirsty thirds rugby, swam for the school, participated in various other activities both legal and illegal; Played rugby for Matabeleland after leaving school, played waterpolo, trying to play golf. Worked for an engineering company for +- 10 years specilizing in Pumping water, sewage etc. Started our own company four years ago specilizing in pumps, contracts etc. Married Cindy de Caila in 1992 just had our first child named Megan in June this year. Harare, Zimbabwe. Bryan Staines <ksphre@telco.co.zw>

Ian Stedall (Stodge) : Milner 1970-1975; House Prefect, 1stXI cricket colours 1st XV; Married Jayne, 3 children David, Richard, Andrew; Electrical Engineer Sasol Secunda Matabeleland Rugby 1980. Secunda, South Africa Ian Stedall <stedall@sec.lia.net>

Gary Stockton : Milner 1972-1977; Not being the most sport-oriented person around, I definitely did not fit the mould ! Did manage to get through O Levels and most of my A Levels OK, though !; After doing the national service bit, left Zim. for Jhb, where I completed articles and degree at UNISA - after Neil Todd said "not university material" on aptitude test ! Got married, got divorced, got re-married, moved to Cape Town, set up my own IT consultancy, completed my MBA at UCT, now going for an MComm (IT). Into serious off-road driving, including overlanding, SCUBA diving (qualified to Dive Master), photography. Cape Town, South Africa. Gary Stockton <garyst@iafrica.com>

Grant Sutcliffe (Sutty) : Milner 1982-1986; House prefect (no other choices) Provincial/national w/polo. Chibuku drinker (Thunder Rocks club) Harry's right hand man!!!, Done my time in POMMEGOLIA, Now living in OZ. Juggling the duties of an horticultural business home technician (1 yr old girl Yasmine) Studying (Shouldn't have eaten all those Marulas in class back then.) Playing polo still, but float like a sponge. Looking forward to catch up with old mates. Byron Bay, Australia. Grant Sutcliffe <Vicki@nor.com.au>

John Swart : Milner 1993-1996; 1996 recieved my Foundation Tie for service to the school for the work I did on computers around the school; Did my A+ then went on to join CF Tulley now Virtex Technologies, during that time until now I have become a MCP and not stopping until I get my MCSE, I plan on becoming a Microsoft Certified Database Engineer (MCDE), then be come a consultant for Microsoft Products. Harare, Zimbabwe. John Swart <canej@logical.co.zw>

Roy Swemmer : Milner 1972-1976. BSAP Patrol Officer, Killed in action 1978

Andrew Szolga ( Zuggi) : Grey 1993- 1994; Worked in Byo after leaving school for about 5 years, finally made the break and have established my career in IT consultancy in the UK.  England May 2001. Andrew Szolga <szolga@netscapeonline.co.uk>


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