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Last Updated : July 27, 2002

Liberty Ncube (Amson) : Gaul House 1997- 1998; academics 1997 and 1998 (prizes...), toastmasters 1998, tennis, football 2nd team; Studying Economics...BSc (econ) honours at the University of Hull.  England May 2001. Liberty Ncube <L.Ncube@econ.hull.ac.uk>

Tafadzwa Ndoda
(TG) : Milner 1993-1998; School prefect, 1stXI hockey, 1st Waterpolo, hockey colurs, ZJCs!!; Haven't been deported from the US yet (studying fine art & serving burgers!!). Nebraska, U.S.A.  Tafadzwa Ndoda <tgndoda@hotmail.com>

Tim New
(Bones, Huku Nyou) : Lloyd 1970-1975; Actor of the year award "Ad Astra Cup" 1972; completed an apprenticeship as an Aircraft Engineer at Air Zimbabwe and worked for them a further 4 1/2 years ('78 to 86); I then worked for Triangle Sugar Estate as a Turbine Technician ('86 to '90); together with my family, I migrated to Australia in 1990; now working for a Vibration Consultant in Perth; married to Natalie (nee Dixon) in 1982; we have 4 children - 3 Zimbabweans and one Australian. Perth, Australia. Tim New <timnew@iinet.net.au>

Robert Newhook
: Gaul 1966-1971. Killed in a car accident in July 1973.

Barry Nicolle : Gaul 1958-1962. Farming/Ranching, Married, 4 Children all living in the states; Texas, USA. Barry Nicolle <BarryN2083@aol.com>

Bryce Nicolle (JR) : Gaul 1992-1992; A member of the U.S Navy. Texas, USA. Bryce Nicolle <barryn2083@aol.com>

Mark Nielson
: Grey 1987-1992; Head of House 1992, Colours and Captain Swimming & Waterpolo, nothing but the happiest memories; Living it up in London, musician of sorts, IT wannabe. England. Mark Nielson <mark_nielson@hotmail.com>

John Nilson : Lloyd 1969-1974; Represented school in cricket , hockey ,athletics; Gwebi graduate then farmed for 3 years in Marandellas, Travelled abroad for 12 months before settling in OZ, Three children, Karis, Dolan and Zana. Married for 14 years to Caroline (nee Arkwright). Both brothers (Pete and Phil) in OZ as well, We operate our own Irrigation Company in Mandurah, Australia. John Nilson <starfocus@southwest.com.au>

Pete Nilson (Pedro) : Lloyd 1969-1974; Represented the school over the years in rugby , cricket , athletics; Left school to commence farming , Inyazura , Middle Sabi . Married Sharon (Annandale), Emigrated to Oz , 2 Kids Brendan and Ashleigh. Have worked for 17 years for ICI , (Zeneca). Skills in bushcraft and E & E from Plumtree have enabled me to survive numerous mergers , downsizing. Happy in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Pete Nilson <pnilson@iinet.com.au>

Ndabezinhle Nkomo (Josh) : Gaul 1990-1995; School Prefect (1995), House Prefect(1994,1995),1st XI Cricket (1994,1995), 1st XI Soccer (1993,1994) Colours, 1st XV (1995); Worked at Belina computers for a year before opening up Kazi Computers which I also ran for a year. Currently at University of Cape Town doig a BComm(IS,ACC). South Africa. Ndabezinhle Nkomo <Vusi@thepentagon.com>

Jethro Ntaisi (Jazz) : Grey 1990-1995; School prefect 1995 , Chairman Toastmasters , Senior Debating society , Computing academic award; Currently at University of Cape Town. South Africa March 2001. Jethro Ntaisi <jethro@thepentagon.com>

Ben Nysschen (Hedges) : Lloyd 1993-1996; house prefect ; working Rio Douro Construction as the buyer. Zimbabwe. No e-mail supplied – contact webmaster for contact details.


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