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Last Updated : July 27, 2002

Roy Cackett : Gaul 1972-1977;  School Prefect in '77, A-Levels, little or no sporting achievements unless someone else can remember anything.... ; Two years in the Army was fun. Did an Agriculture degree at 'Maritzburg Univ, then an MBA from Surrey, UK. Have done many and various things, few of them consistent with an exemplary career. Now MD of a large agricultural chemical concern in Durban. Would prefer to be on vacation. Been married for seemingly ages, 2 whelps. Advice to all you juniors out there: never marry a woman brighter than you. And don't get into anything to do with agriculture. And point your ass downwind. South Africa. Roy Cackett <roy@agricare.co.za>

Herb Cameron
(Campo) : Gaul 1986-1991; Head of house 1991, House prefect 1990, 1st/2nd XV, Prunitian Tie 1990; Came to UK in March 1992, went to college in Cumbria and Studied Building Construction. While at college joined the Army Reserve and eventually joined the Regular Army as an Electronics technician. Went for officer selection in 1995 and started officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Sept 1995, commissioned in Aug 1996 into the Royal Logistic Corps as a 2nd lieutenant. Spent 2 yrs in Germany, 5 weeks in Cyprus, 3 months in Bosnia. In 1999 I was a platoon commander at the Basic Training Depot for a year before starting my Bomb Disposal course. Still single - English girls don't seem to make good wives. Any Plumtree boy would make an excellent career of the British Army regardless of whether a British or Zim passport holder. With the support of the UK MOD I intend doing a recruitment drive for people to join up in the next 2 years. Cumbria, England. Herb Cameron <herb_panther@hotmail.com>

Paul Candler
(Wax) : Lloyd 1972-1978; 1st XI Cricket,1st team Hockey - Zimbabwe schools hockey and cricket. School prefect ; Studied at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. Has BA Hons degree and runs a sports injury and rehabilitation centre. Howick, South Africa. Paul Candler <chandler@iafrica.com>

Balfour Carnegie (Eureka) : Gaul 1973-1979. Student in charge of Veranda Study "The Illiterate Disco" Members included Colin Munro, Gav "Leguaan" Murray, Aid Lawson, Wayne "Scavenger" Cavender, Jeremy "Orang" Partridge. Harare, Zimbabwe. No e-mail submitted. For address contact webmaster.

Gary Chapman (Chappies, Bream) : Gaul 1973-1978; Managed to get an "O" pass, otherwise an honorary member of the 6th team rugby. Eno's had a wild passion for me and condemned me to live in Dogbox 1 for my final years at School; After leaving school and doing the Army stint, I completed my Telecoms Technician training with the PTC with "SNAP" Chennels. Having run the Beit Bridge Area, left to join Siemens in Johannesburg. Have been with them for the last 16 years. I am presently in charge of the PABX Workshops and Stores, I was married in Biet Bridge, but have been divorced for some 9 years. I have a daughter Danielle who is 14, and my son Ryan who is 16 at present. Roodepoort, South Africa. Gary Chapman <garych@siemens.co.za>

John Chapman (Chappie) : Gaul 1984-1988; 1st XV Rugby, Waterpolo; Oarsman on the Zambezi for one year, worked three years in Europe, currently Tobacco farming in Mvurwi. Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe. John Chapman <gaylechappy@hotmail.com>

Evan Charles ( Vundu) : Milner 1986- 1991 ; Captained 2nds waterpolo, 3rds rugby, house prefect, swimming team, half colours for academics, caught boozing 3 times and never got beaten 6 ever !!!; I worked in computers for 4 years after school , then went to Cape town (UCT) to study electronics engineering. Graduated last year and am now network manager at Samara, an internet provider in Harare. Have plans to travel, but am enjoying life in zim too much ! Zimbabwe. Evan Charles <evan@samara.co.zw>

Andrew Chennells (Boog) : Gaul 1982-1987; An arbitrary lurker, stalwart of the 2ndXI cricket team and 3rds rugby, record for being asked to leave classroom during maths periods!!; Qualified refrigeration engineer, Codirector of Facility Air (Joburg), Represented ETvl U23 at cricket and spend all weekend playing either cricket or hockey at Kempton with "Robbo", Married to Leigh-Ann no children yet but having a ball !!! Aston Manor, South Africa. Andrew Chennells <chenns@netactive.co.za>

Dave Chennells : Gaul 1973-1978; 1st Basketball. (I suspect the lads from the NBA don't have too much to worry about !), captain 6ths rugby, brewer of vintage (at least two week old) orange wine with Dave (Bunda) Johnstone on a regular basis; Qualified as a telecomm tech with the PTC before emigrating to SA, spent several years installing and commissioning electronic telephone exchanges throughout the country before settling down. Am currently 2i/c of the computer network department for Telephone Manuf. of SA. Married to Marlene and have a 14 month old daughter. Benoni, South Africa. Dave Chennells <davec@ananzi.co.za>

Peter Chennells (BOOG Major) : Gaul 1976-1981; School Pig 1981, 1st XI/XV 1981. A levels 1981,Renowned for try scored against the arch enemy Milton to win the home game in 1981, (Definite forward pass ignored by home ref!!!!!) ; After leaving school qualified as an industrial chemist specialising in brewing serious alcholic Beverages, even better than Elcombes ever could at Fort Shit. Seriously though, spent 13 years in the chemical industry in RSA before returning to Zim in 1995 to take up Lab Manager (Note: Manager) position at Hartley Platinum Mine at Selous. Married to a genuine plank called Frieda and have two boys both booked in at Plummers. Eldest due at Plummers in 2002 - the centenary. Zimbabwe. Peter Chennells <pechen@samara.co.zw>

Terry Chisholm : Milner 1954- 1959; School hockey (colours), athletics and tennis teams. CSC 1958 Matric pass, skived 1959;  
Rhodes U from 1962-1966 BSc (Hons) Geology. Geologist with Anglo-American in Rhodesia, Australia and South Africa. Retire in August 2001 as Senior Geology Manager - Westwits Goldmines to Claremont in Cape Town. Married Glen Kirby (Townsend) in 1967, two daughters working in Cape Town.  South Africa May 2001. Terry Chisholm <glenchiz@hotmail.com>

Peter Clarke-Farr (Clarke) : Gaul 1981-1986; School / House Prefect; Qualified Dispensing Optician, Head of the Dept. of Dispensing Opticians Cape Technikon, Recently qualified as an optometrist. Cape Town, South Africa. Peter Clarke-Farr <pclarke@ctech.ac.za>

John Nicholas Clatworthy (Nodules) : Grey 1946-1951; Exams: CSC 8 credits 1949, HCSC 8 units 1951, House Prefect 1951, Debating Soc, Magazine Committee 50-51, Cadets-Cert A, Part 1, Rhodesian  Govt Bursary 1951; B. Sc. Agric. Natal 1955, Rhodes Scholar 1957-60, D. Phil. (Oxon) Married Shirley , 3 boys. Zimbabwe. John Clatworthy <clatworthy@mango.zw>

Allan Conybeare (Squeak) : Milner 1986-1991; House Prefect 1991, 1st XV Rugby 1990 &1991, Colours - Rugby & Athletics; On leaving went Tobacco farming in Selous, 1993 attended Blackfordby (TTI) achieving a 1st, 1994 Farmed in Karoi for a season, left to travel and have been in the UK for the past 4 years, working as an assistant accountant for Anheuser-Bush (Budweiser), have only stayed on for the free lager. Would dearly love to return to farming in Zim but due to the current situation it's just not an option. Currently contemplating doing a Computer Networking MCSE. London, England. Allan Conybeare <aconybeare@hotmail.com>

Des Cormack : Hammond 1966-1972; Prefect, 1st Hockey 1972, 1st Cricket 1972; Married, 2 kids (11 & 8), GM City Lodge Durban. South Africa. Des Cormack <mwdesc@iafrica.com>

Andy Cory (Bushpig) : Hammond (Gaul) 1965-1970; House shirt; Joined IBM 74, went to Saudi then Cape Town, joined family business in Swaziland in 1982, married Meri, have two children Johnathan (21) and Nicholas (18). Mbabane, Swaziland. Andy Cory <pbsswd@iafrica.sz>

Nic Cory : Hammond (Gaul) 1973-1978; House Prefect,1stXV, 1st waterpolo, swimming, athletics, colours waterpolo; Durban university 78-82, joined family business 82 with brother Andy, together we run the Panasonic Business Systems Franchise for Swaziland. Married "at the moment" with 2 children Alex (9) and Mike (5). Mbabane, Swaziland. Nic Cory <pbsswd@iafrica.sz>

Gareth Cox (Spaz) : Gaul 1992-1996; Played 1st team cricket awarded colours. Was a member of the thirsty thirds rugby team, chairman of the seven day brew club. Tended to spend the O-Level study week at Lake Herbert taking a few ale's whilst attempting to organise dates with the Zambesi blondes; Left Plumtree in a hurry, tried my luck at ripping people off at insurance. But descided my life was Madison cigarettes. Have been employed with the local tobacco industry for approximately 8 years. Still play cricket for Alex, and attempt to play golf but prefer the 19th hole. Due to get married to Kim in May 99. Have a fine son named Alex. Harare, Zimbabwe. Gareth Cox <ksphre@telco.co.zw>

Robert Cox ( Bob) : Grey 1949-1953; Matric. House colours - Grey. Capt House Swimming, Team. Member School Team. 2nd XV 1953; Professional Accountant. Attended Cape Town Uni. in 1972/73 for MBA. Emigrated to Oz in 1978. Married, 2 sons - Major Australian Army/other Civil Engineer. Wife Molly is Deputy Director Finance - Adelaide University. Adelaide, South Australia.
Robert Cox <racox@eng.adelaide.edu.au>

Neill Craib (Steel Neill) : Milner 1981-1987 ; Head of House, 1st team waterpolo - national colours, 1st team rugby - colours, only person to take a long walk around the swimming pool after scoring a goal at water polo without breathing. Part of the infamous Seven Day Brew Gang beaten for killing rural chickens with other seniors and prefects; Worked for a Financial institution, tried my hand at baking buns, presently running an abattoir in Marondera. Married Wendy Daynes and have two girls that I know of. Harare, Zimbabwe. Neill Craib <ksphre@telco.co.zw>

Clive Croxford : Grey 1970-1975; Colours for waterpolo, Rhodesia Schools and u/19 waterpolo; Married an Aussie (Anne) three daughters. Busselton, Western Australia. Clive Croxford <clive@gateway.net.au>

Mark Cutter : Grey 1967-1972; House prefect until caught smoking (about 3 weeks into the term), Represented Matabeleland in Athletics, 10 wickets for 30 runs against Milton, GCE M Level; Toured RSA for one year then joined 3 Commando 1RLI (12 Troop) ended my military career with Recce unit in 4th Batt. out of Mutare. Joined a German tobacco company in Harare. Married Leslie 1978 - farmers daughter from Mvurwi (Umvukwes). Back packed through UK and then across to USA and stayed for 2 years. Transferred temporarily on assignment to Pakistan for six months (not recommended), then transferred to Philippines for 8 years. One child (Serena) born in the UK 1987. Now based in Melbourne Australia with Philip Morris International (tobacco company) which brings me back to the 3 week prefect !!! Melbourne, Australia. Mark Cutter <MCUTTER@PM.COM.AU>


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