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Last Updated : July 29, 2002

Dave Olds : Lloyd 1970-1975; House prefect, 1st XV rugby (vice-captain); Have my own small company doing irrigation, boreholes, light engineering etc in Harare. Am seriously thinking of moving on out of Africa though. Don't play sport anymore, thanks to the army and a fairly serious car accident. Married to Laura with two kids, Mandy 13, and Ryan 10. Zimbabwe. Dave Olds <finweek@icon.co.zw>

Martin (Marty) Olds : Lloyd 1969-1974; murdered at his farm in the Nyamandhlovu district on April 18, 2000; quite co-incidentally (?) the 20th anniversary of Zimbabwe Independence. He was singled out by a large group of well-armed, supposed war veterans, who all arrived at his farm in convoy and systematically attacked him. (See reports from The Electronic Telegraph in the OPs in the News section.) The other irony is that Martin was awarded the Bronze Cross, Zimbabwe's highest civilian award, in 1989 for saving a person during a crocodile attack. His wife, Cathy, daughter, Martine,and son, Angus moved to the UK soon after this incident and are trying piece their lives together there. An appeal had been launched by Marty's former classmate, James Maberly, to provide financial assistance to the family. If you'd like to contribute please click here Cathy Olds Appeal



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