Plumtree School - Class of 1969

Original list submitted by Vince Leonard who compiled it a few years ago. The last column indicates the last known location of the individual - those highlighted in red are accurate as at the current update and their details are possibly in the OP database.

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Vince or the webmaster with any additons/corrections to update the records.


Armand Geoff Botswana
Campbell Rick Malaysia
de la Rosa Malcolm Australia
Doorly Mike Zimbabwe
Drummond Mike South Africa
Forshaw Mark USA
Garmany Rowan South Africa
Herselman Theo Zimbabwe
Leonard Vince UK
Maberly James UK
Nel Kevin Zimbabwe
Nilson John Australia
Nilson Pete Australia
Olds Martin Zimbabwe
Smythe Charlie Zimbabwe
Thompson Charlie UK


Babb Nigel South Africa
Bawden Graham Zimbabwe
Beligan Pete Zimbabwe
Cooper Shaun Malawi
Drysdale Forbes Australia
Games Ian Zimbabwe
Graham Justin Australia
Hamilton James (Jimbo) Deceased
Kaye Phil South Africa
Perkins Ian Zimbwbe
Rosefels Tony Zimbabwe
Scott Nathan South Africa
van Jaarsveldt Kevin Zimbabwe
van Zyl John South Africa
Warth Garry Zimbabwe
Weatherdon Des Unknown
Wilde John Malawi


Alers Dave South Africa
Armstrong Pete Unknown
Bradshaw Mike South Africa
Ferguson William (Bill) Zimbabwe
Grobelaar Leon Zimbabwe
Hammond Vern Zimbabwe
Hemans Mike UK
Inggs Charlie Zimbabwe
Skea Mike Zimbabwe
Ward Doug Canada
Williams Brian Zimbabwe


Crow Pete Unknown
Davies Mike Zimbabwe
Fleming Charles France
Jones Mark Zimbabwe
Mennie Frans Zimbabwe
Montgomery Hugh Zimbabwe
Mylroie Vic Zimbabwe
Potter George Unknown
Souchon Chris Zimbabwe
Trotter Ian Deceased
Viljoen Gavin Botswana
Whitehead Harry Zimbabwe
Whitehead-Wilson Vaughn Killed in Action


Brownlee Charlie (Milner) Zimbabwe
Condy Dave (Milner) South Africa
Fothergill Dave (Gaul) Zimbabwe
Green Dan Zambia
Hoggard Mike (Lloyd) Zimbabwe
Howes Pete (Grey) Zimbabwe
Robinson Mike (Gaul) South Africa
Turner-Dauncey Neil (Milner) South Africa


Lumb Dave (Gaul) South Africa
Kuttner Frans (Lloyd) Zimbabwe
Mudge Richard (Lloyd) Unknown
Murgatroyd John (Lloyd) Zimbabwe


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