Plumtree School - Roll Calls

The webmaster welcomes additions and corrections to existing rolls and any new rolls that anyone may like to see added. In particular it would be nice to see the first names of individuals as well as photographs and biographies. Any related information is very welcome.

Headmistresses and Headmasters 001
Headboys 003  
Milner House - Heads of House 005
Lloyd House - Heads of House 004
Grey House - Heads of House 008  
Gaul House - Heads of House 009  
Cadetships in the Armed Forces 002  
Rhodes Scholars 010

Class Lists - these lists are based upon the year that a particular group of students started at Plumtree and include names of those that may have left before the normal 5/6 years of penance or those that may have joined the "year" after the start date.

Class of 1964 006  
Class of 1969 007  

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Last Updated : July 25, 2002