Plumtree School - Headmistresses and Headmasters

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1902 to 1904 Miss A. Musson

1904 to 1906 Miss C J Slinn

1906 to 1936 Robert W Hammond Esq (click for biography)

1936 to 1946 J E H Mylne Esq (click for biography)

1946 to 1955 R W T Rolfe Esq

1953 to 1959 A H Pattison Esq

1959 to 1968 D J A Lobb Esq

1968 to 1984 J B W Clarke Esq

1984 to 1993 M B E Whiley Esq (click for biography)

1993 to 1996 I G Glover Esq

1996 to Present A Ncube Esq


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